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About Aster Tours & Travel

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL is a full-service best tour operator in Bhutan dedicated to creating authentic, richness tailoring best travel itineraries with extraordinary experiences. Travel became our passion with much of our expertise, who continuously offer Bhutan’s most acceptable travel product, the highest level of service, and unique experiences.


At ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL, we excel at helping you get your vacation well planned. Thus, not considering the vacation only but exceptional vacation filled with inspiring and enriching with unique life experiences in the happiest kingdom of Bhutan.

We approach differently than others. We do not plan any trips ourselves. Instead, we ask you to discuss and then complete to design the perfect ideal itinerary suited to your interest and dreams to make your thoughts come true.

We are experts in finding and tailoring the best travel itineraries connecting with a top, most beautiful destination in Bhutan, matching your desire and interest. Our specialist will personally contact you to customize your every trip.

Our expertise and connections cover all kinds of accommodation, transportation, guides, and access to unique experiences. We value your precious time and your feelings in our happy country; there is no time limit for us to serve you throughout your trip.

We believe in warm hearty service and treat you as one family, not a guest. We ensure all our guests get happiness and lots of exciting memories traveling with us. Our team has the genuine gift of friendly and honest service.


Our tailor-designed, customized journey will take you deep into the heart of Bhutan. We value your preference and interest on your trip. We ensure we ask questions to you under your kind permission to make your itineraries unique and memorable. Then, we carefully handcraft the itineraries that suit your interest and preferences so that you will be well planned and comfortable during the trip to Bhutan with us.


1. Send your inquiries and match to our travel specialist.

Tell us about your trip and the kinds of activities you wish to experience. Then, we will tailor the 3 top best packages that fit your trip to Bhutan.

2. Get your trip planned

We will seek your permission or time to exchange emails with you to tailor the package according to your interest and holiday preferences. Then, we will use our expertise and your suggestion to handcraft the unique itineraries and your activity proposals.

3. Book your custom trip

After your custom itinerary is refined to perfection, book it with us, we will then confirm all services and coordinates all your logistics, including 24/7 assistance throughout your trip.

4.  Share feedbacks with your friends

After your trip, we will invite you to write a review to help other travelers with your golden words.


Mr. Thinley Dorji started ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL to solve the significant challenges of tourists traveling to Bhutan. The founder himself is a travel expert and has traveled to many countries worldwide. His passion for the travel industry is undying and left the utmost imprint for the benefit of the entire travelers. A top of the enthusiasm he has in the tourism sector, he has undergone a degree in Hotel Management to boost his knowledge in hospitality. Today Mr. Thinley is well known among the travel fraternity in the country for his hard work and diligence.

Under the leadership of the founder, the team provides various packages, including Culture tour, Bird watching, Festival tours, Luxury tour, Buddhism tour, hiking, and trekking. We offer a tailor-made itinerary to suit your interest. The firm’s priority is creating the best memory and the security and safety of the guests. We design the best of the best itineraries depending upon your chosen schedule. We assure you, traveling with ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL brings you the best experience!


After having so much experience in the travel industry, we have spent lots of our time vetting our capabilities, settings, quality expectation, and get trained to our colleagues. To achieve consistent excellence and owner satisfaction, we found out that the Quality of excellent service matters for our clients for their comfort and luxury trip with us. We are base on facts and honest reviews from our trusted travelers. Bhutan is a most appealing, exciting land of paradise. Every journey in Bhutan is a beautiful tour to discover and explore. We make sure it is memorable and joyful in any tour program. “Value for a lifetime experience and holidays.”

We Provide

  • Highest Quality of vehicles
  • Luxury resorts and Hotels
  • Most qualified and experienced Tour executives
  • Highly trained & flexible Chauffeurs
  • Top popular and best destinations

Every approach of ours will be simple, Unique, and amazing to bring a successful journey.


ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL is one of the Travel Agent/Tour Operators in Bhutan who has travelers seek to provide personalized, the best quality of service, value, authentic, flexible, comfortable, and accommodable to journey. 

We are guided by

  1. Honesty and open-mindedness.
  2. Professionalism with integrity and fairness
  3. Respect for each other and hard work
  4. Treated as one family
  5. Share travel experiences for the best.
  6. Gross National Happiness.


All our team members are qualified, skillful, and have decades of experience in their respective fields in the tourism industry. Therefore, We are bound to offer you seamless experiences on your journey to Bhutan.

The ASTER family provides accurate, personalized, and tireless support with their unrivaled knowledge with the best of professionalism, From the first contact with us till confirming your vacation, refining your exceptionally unique experiences on your beautiful travel journey. We will make the difference to discover the happiest kingdom of Bhutan.

Our representatives will guide you for your entire stay in Bhutan using our unparalleled expertise, knowledge, and experiences fulfilling your every need and wish. We serve to make your stay in the kingdom of Bhutan the best travel experience of your lifetime.

Thinley Dorji


Sonam Choki


Bhanu Kharka


Mehernosh Malegamwala


Sofia Basak



We dedicate ourselves to social and environmental responsibility from our office to all the destinations covered during our travel and day to day activities.

Our purpose of being responsible for our society and environment is aligned with ASTER TOUR’s value and with the Nation’s goal of Gross National Happiness. Our team nurtures our environment by managing waste, sustainable resources, and influencing people with best practices for social responsibilities. We aim to converse our natural resources and keep the environment clean.


Bhutan has built sustainability into its national identity, and we help to uphold this identity.

The tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is not only Carbon neutral but also confirmed Carbon negative. Despite increasing tourists, the country has managed to maintain its status of carbon negative.  One of the ways foreigners can contribute to the country’s conservation efforts is by visiting Bhutan.  From the tariff set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, a daily sustainable development fee of $65 goes towards funding education, health care, and poverty alleviation.

ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL ensure that the destinations covered are not littered. In addition, we bring back the trash from the tour and treks and give it to waste management organizations in the locality for recycling and reusing purposes. The sites we visited, the road traveled, and the places halted: we try to make it cleaner everywhere we traveled.

The initiative Toys for Joy was born through the golden concept of Gross National Happiness. The volunteer initiative intends to contribute towards preserving clean environment while helping to spread happiness to kids across the country by donating joys to children who are deprived of modern toys.

Some of our guests has voluntarily become a part of this wonderful initiative. We have received toy from overseas to donate to children in rural region in country.