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Bhutan Helicopter Tours

Though Bhutan is a small constitutional Democracy country between two giant countries (India and China), it has come to the new era of having luxury air transport service to enjoy scenic multi Himalayan beauties and valleys viewed after officially birth of the Royal Helicopter service in the country in 2015. 

The operation started on the 5th of November 2015, coinciding with the 60th birth anniversary of our fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Currently located and operates from Paro International Airport. It works with the fleets of two new brand H130 (EC130 T2) with a maximum seat capacity of six passengers and one pilot.

Undoubtedly, we arrange for you to immerse with your tour packages or only for scenic tours in the country. Therefore, it will shorten your road rides and give amazing unique experiences of flying over beautiful hills, valleys, dense forests, majestic mountains with maximum comfort in your journey. 

Scenic Heli- Bhutan Tour (Charter Packages)

Dagala Couple Tour (30 minutes helicopter ride)

The tour offers an unforgettable experience of Bhutanese wilderness and cultural aspects as you fly along the southern Paro valley into a Shangrila adorned with many pristine and crystal clear lakes. We’ll treat you with stunning views of the entire Himalayan mountain range: Mt.Jumolhari, Mt. Masang Gang, Mt. Jichu Drake, Mt.Gangkhar Phunsum, Mt. Gangchen Ta,
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Discover Paro Taktsang (30 minutes Helicopter Ride)

The scenic flight will offer a spectacular view of Paro valley from the air; While flying along the valley, you will discover most of the sacred places and the critical landmarks the valley has to offer. However, the most important highlight of the tour will be the famous Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest). Points of Interest:
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Hidden Lake Tour (BUT-Gomthang (Hidden lake)- BUT)(35-minute helicopter ride )

Enjoy the beautiful valley of Bumthang from the air. This scenic flight will fly towards the north of Bumthang valley over the famous Dhur Tsachu (hot spring) and land into the enchanting, mysterious hidden lake. On a beautiful day, one might also get a glimpse of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum. Points of Interest: • Chamkhar Valley
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Majestic Himalayan Mountain Tour (2-hour helicopter ride)

Beyond the snowcapped Mt. Jumolhari, flying further northeast, you can view the majestic companion peak of Mt. Jumolhari and Mt. Jichu Drakey, which stands at 6794 meters from sea level. This mountain is known to have a double summit, with the lower discussion towards the south. Our helicopter tour will give you the best views
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Royal Manas Wildlife Tour (BUT-MANAS-BUT)(80-minute helicopter ride )

This fascinating tour takes you through one of Bhutan’s oldest preserved areas connected by the wildlife corridors of Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park in the northwest, Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary in the southwest, Phrumsengla National Park in the northern center, and Jomotshangkha Wildlife Sanctuary in the south east. Then, fly into the heart of Royal Manas
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Snow Man Trek (3hour helicopter ride)

Zoom in your lenses as we sojourn into the Northern Shangrila of Bhutan while making sure you savor every luscious scene along the world-famous Snowman Trek. Then, as we streak over the northerly heavens and finally bid farewell in Bumthang, you’ll have traversed a journey of 26 days on a flight of mere 3 hours
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Traditional Textile Tour (BUT-KHOMA-BUT)(50-minute helicopter ride )

Enjoy the overflying majestic landscape towards Lhuntse, the region known as the ancestral home of our kings. The flight will overfly Lhuntse Rinchentse Dzong, situated on a hilltop overlooking Kuri chhu. Towards the south, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the World’s Tallest Guru Nangsey Ziloen statue (157 feet tall), which sits atop a
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