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Trekking to sublime mountains, exploring the colorful villages, meditating inside the peaceful monasteries, and learning the history of the dzongs

Bhutan's Adventure & Nature

Bhutan is known for its Himalayan kingdom that excellent replete opportunities for adventurous activities in plains, forests, valleys, and high altitude destinations. These beautiful, unique landscapes allow many numbers of ways to explore and get unforgettable experiences. Each journey is handcrafted by ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL taking you to another individual exposure and experience that suits every traveler traveling with us.

Bhutan’s Spiritual Experiences

Bhutan being a small landlocked Buddhist country, spiritually blessed under the umbrella of spiritual leaders, offers life-changing spiritual experiences in the exotic kingdom of Bhutan. Cultivate peace and a calm mindset, enjoy the serene environment, and immerse yourself in spiritually powerful old monasteries and temples. Pristine landscapes of every destination are fascinated with incredible travel journeys intersecting with spirituality, bounding you in relaxation, peaceful and calm avoiding daily world’s complication.

Seasonal Adventure

Bhutan shrouded for centuries in the misty serenity of the great Himalayas and the only nation of the world to measure its success not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product but by the happiness of its people. Country emphasizes that the key to happiness is not by obtaining and enjoying material development rather than the true story of human society occurs when material and spiritual development complement and reinforce each other. Bhutan's unique approach consciously preserves its pristine natural and cultural heritage that harmonizes and sustains its environment and acts synergistically to protect. As a result, Bhutan is a year-round revelation.