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Getting Into Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan via air 

Once your travel dates have been confirmed, we will book your flight and arrange all the formalities required to enter Bhutan. On your arrival at Paro International airport, you need to declare all the documents issued by us to get endorsement by the immigration officer to avail the visa permit. 

Druk Air

Royal Bhutan airlines are the national carrier, flying to Bangkok in Thailand, Kolkata, Delhi, Bagdogra, Gaya, Guwahati, and Mumbai in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and Changi in Singapore. If you choose to travel by your private jet, we are here to assist you with all the necessary arrangements required for your comfort. 

As you fly, it offers you a fantastic experience with spectacular views of mountain ranges and valleys. However, Bhutan is a mountainous country with high elevation; there may be fluctuation of weather conditions; for this, it’s recommendable to keep your lengthy intermission for your connecting flight.

If you feel like shortening your travel distance or avoid road rides inside Bhutan, domestic flights and helicopters are available to the east and south part of Bhutan.

Travel to Bhutan via Road 

If you are traveling by road, Phuntsholing, Gelephu, and Samdrup Jongkhar are the three border gates open for international travelers; we can organize all the formalities and transport required; on your arrival at the border crossing, you need to declare all the documents issued by us to get endorsement by an immigration officer to avail the visa permit.